Torphichen Preceptory

The village of Torphichen in West Lothian is home to Torphichen Preceptory, the medieval home of the Knights Hospitaller in Scotland.

The Knights Hospitaller were the forebears of the modern-day volunteers of St John Scotland – people who were committed to helping others and serving their community.

The Preceptory, which dates to the 1100s, was the first property in Scotland of the pre-Reformation Order of St John, the organisation which centuries later would be reconstituted as the Priory of Scotland of the Order of St John, and latterly St John Scotland.

Modern-day members of the Order of St John continue to hold a service at the Preceptory in August each year.

Photograph of a line of people walking into the Torphichen Preceptory

While the site is managed by Historic Environment Scotland, St John Scotland volunteers open the building to the public on weekends during the summer, and provide tours giving an insight into the Preceptory’s rich history.

More information about visiting the Preceptory can be found on the Historic Environment Scotland website.