Torrance Girls Brigade fund defib for community

Publication date 17 June 2019

A Girls Brigade group from the village of Torrance in East Dunbartonshire have unveiled an emergency device which could help save lives in the local community.

Photo of a a community receiving a defibrillator

The group raised more than £1,000 to fund the defibrillator by holding a bake sale and silent auction, with Torrance Community Council also making a donation towards the effort.

St John Scotland topped up funds as part of our drive to increase access to defibrillators in communities across the country.

Leader of 1st Torrance Girls Brigade, Alison Crawford, said: “We were inspired to raise money for the defibrillator by a talk we heard at one of our training days. We thought it seemed such a good idea to have one for the village. Part of our badgework involves providing a service for others, so this project fitted very well with this challenge.”

She continued: “As well as people who live here, we also have many people who walk and cycle through the village. So we hope that, should anyone experience difficulties in our village, the defibrillator will buy them precious, life-saving minutes.”

Margaret McAdam, Chair of St John Scotland’s Glasgow Area, said: “We are so impressed with the girls’ fundraising efforts to provide this defibrillator for the benefit of everyone in Torrance. Our volunteers have already visited the church to help the group learn how to do CPR, and show them how easy the defib is to use.”

She continued: “The message everyone should remember is: if someone is unconscious and not breathing, phone for an ambulance and start CPR. The 999 operator will be able to tell you if there is a defibrillator nearby – if so, get someone to fetch it while you continue CPR. Then just switch it on and do what it says. Starting CPR as soon as possible and using a defib can make the difference between life and death, so if we all learn these simple steps we can help save lives.”

The defibrillator has been installed at Torrance Parish Church, just around the corner from the main entrance, and is avaialble to be used 24/7 in an emergency.