Nith Inshore Rescue open day

Publication date 19 August 2023

Our dedicated volunteers in St John Scotland Dumfries area showed incredible resilience as they braved the windy conditions to make this day happen.

What a fantastic Saturday it was! After a 4-year hiatus, the Nith Inshore Rescue open day made its glorious return on August 19th.

St John recently generously extended a substantial donation to aid in replacing the aging land rover. The new vehicle made its grand entrance the day before the event! While it hasn't yet donned its official look, we were lucky enough to take it for a spin before the big show.

Michael Cook had the honour of presenting a cheque worth £1500 to the chairperson, a heartfelt contribution towards the station's running costs. In fact, the estimated annual running cost hovers around £30,000.

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