Life-saving defibs for Perthshire villages

Publication date 26 October 2021

Two neighbouring rural Perthshire villages Glencarse and St Madoes have installed Public Access Defibrillators with help from St John Scotland.

Defibrillators can help save someone’s life if they have a cardiac arrest. Around 70 people each week in Scotland have a sudden cardiac arrest, but currently, only one in ten survive. Starting CPR and using a defibrillator can significantly increase their chance of survival.

This project, which was led by the West Carse Community Council, was funded primarily by the West Carse Solar Farm Community Benefit Fund, which was formed for the benefit of the residents within the Community Council’s area.

The emergency devices have been installed outside the West Carse Public Hall in Glencarse and St Madoes Community Centre; Both are fully accessible, 24/7, for use in an emergency.

Chair of St John Scotland’s Perth and Kinross Committee, Janice Webster, said: “In Scotland, survival rates from cardiac arrest are sadly worse than in other countries, and we lag behind when it comes to making sure the public know how to do CPR, and in our provision of Public Access Defibrillators. St John Scotland is keen to ensure as many communities as possible have access to this vital knowledge and equipment, to help save lives.”

“We’re delighted to help these communities install their defibrillators. Our team of volunteers in Perth and Kinross looks forward to delivering training in the near future, so locals can learn basic CPR skills, as well as how to use a defibrillator. In the meantime, both of these Public Access Defibrillators are up and running if anyone needs to use them in an emergency.”

Alexander Forbes, Secretary of West Carse Community Council said: “We’re delighted that our community now has access to two new defibrillators. In a way, we hope that they never need to be used, but if they can help save one person’s life, it will be worthwhile. In cardiac arrest, time is of the essence, and as a rural community we know how important it is to be able to look after one another and take the action necessary to help save lives. We’re very grateful to St John Scotland, both for their support with installing the defibrillators and their financial contribution, and we look forward to CPR and defib training soon.”

St John Scotland is encouraging other communities across Perth & Kinross to get in touch if they would like help to install a defibrillator, or CPR training. For more information, please get in touch