Library News

Publication date 08 January 2024

For geographical reasons many Order members in Scotland are not able to visit the Chancery as often as they might wish. Our Librarian, Confrère Duncan McAra CStJ, thought it would be helpful to Order members to familiarise themselves easily online as regards the extensive variety of the Library’s collection of books and journal articles.

Some of the publications acquired in 2023 include City of Stone: The Hidden History of Jerusalem by Meron Benvenisti; John the Baptist: His Life and Afterlife by Josephine Wilkinson; Medieval Maps of the Holy Land by P. D. A. Harvey; Quixote in a Cart, an account by James Nash of his St John fund-raising ride from Istanbul to Jerusalem; The Knights of the Order by Ernle Bradford; and Splendour & Devotion: The Art Collections of the Order of St John by Theresa Vella.

Once the planned refurbishment of the Chancery is completed, Order members may borrow certain publications on short-term loan; other books are available for reference in the Library. The Librarian is always happy to assist if given advance notice of a proposed visit. In the first instance, please email

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