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Publication date 13 November 2023

The Librarian wishes to alert members to Volume 8 (2022) of One St John: The International Historical Journal of the Most Venerable Order of St John, which has just been uploaded online:

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As the Journal's Editor, Confrere Matthew Glozier, points out in the final of his three contributions: ’Sadly, conflict has been a persistent and unremitting feature of the Eye Hospital’s history’. Two of his fellow Australian Confreres, Ian Howie-Willis and John Pearn, have highlighted in their articles the difficulties faced by the Eye Hospital in 1917-19 and in 1948.

The Librarian is honoured to have an earlier Post on the wartime collaboration between the Order of St John and the British Red Cross Society included in the latest volume of the Journal. He is arranging for the Journal to be printed off to join previous volumes for easy reference in the Library.