Glasgow's Lord Provost supports defibrillator for Anderston

Publication date 26 September 2018

A potentially life-saving defibrillator, which has been installed at Anderston Kelvingrove Parish Church in Glasgow, was unveiled this week by the Lord Provost of Glasgow, Eva Bolander.

A group of people pose with a defibrillator

The device was funded by the Weavers’ Society of Anderston, a historical society which dates back to the 18th century but now supports various charitable causes in the area. Funding for the device was topped up by St John Scotland as part of our drive to increase access to defibrillators in local communities across the country.

The defibrillator been installed on the outside wall of the church and is available to be used 24/7.

Unveiling the device, the Lord Provost said: “I’m delighted to support this initiative by St John Scotland. The installation of this life-saving equipment will be a comfort to everyone in the area. Cardiac arrest can affect people of all ages and can strike at any time. Having immediate access to this easy to use defibrillator in a public place like Anderston Kelvingrove Parish Church will only benefit residents and visitors.”

Margaret McAdam, chair of St John Scotland’s group of volunteers in Glasgow, said: “In a cardiac arrest, every second counts, so it’s vital that someone can step in to perform CPR, and use a defibrillator, before the ambulance arrives. We’ve been helping people learn CPR at events all over Glasgow, and we hope that by doing that, and working together to provide this defibrillator in Anderston, we can help save lives in the city.”

John Balding, Preses (Chair) of the Weavers’ Society of Anderston said: "The Weavers’ Society of Anderston is very proud of its long and historical connection with the community in Anderston, dating back 280 years to when it was founded to promote the interests of the weavers who lived and worked in the village of Anderston. Nowadays, the Society is a charitable institution, offering benevolence to its members and their dependents in need, and supporting worthy causes in Anderston and the wider community. The Society is pleased to be able to provide such practical support to the local community."

St John Scotland’s team of local volunteers are working to install more Public Access Defibrillators across Glasgow, and are keen to hear from community groups or organisations who want to work together to fundraise for other machines. They can be contacted at