CPR & Defibrillator awareness session in Prestwick Academy

Publication date 19 June 2024

St John Scotland Ayrshire and Arran Team have now completed their programme of bystander CPR & defibrillator awareness sessions within South Ayrshire schools. The final event took place in Prestwick Academy on Tuesday 18 June, when the team delivered a session to around 50 senior phase pupils, who were all keen to learn about potential life-saving skills.

Colin McCormick delivered the session, supported by Janice, Archie, Anthony, Julie, David, Heather, Margaret and committee member Jean-Elizabeth.

Thanks to Depute Head Teacher Joanne Frew and PT Biology Natalie Paterson for organising this successful event.

Pictured at the defibrillator is Head Teacher Elaine Harrigan alongside our volunteers, Colin and Archie.