Civic reception for Dumfries and Galloway branch

Publication date 03 November 2023

The Dumfries and Galloway Council organised a civic reception to honour the St John Scotland's Dumfries area for their remarkable 25 years of service to the people of Dumfries and its surrounding district.

St John Scotland's chair of Dumfries and Galloway David Thomson, warmly welcomed the assembled guests and introduced the afternoon's speakers, which included Fiona Armstrong, the Lord Lieutenant of Dumfriesshire, Michael Cook, Receiver General and former Chair of Dumfries, and Gail McGregor, Vice Convenor of the Council.

Each speaker delivered heartfelt speeches, expressing their gratitude to the branch for its unwavering support to the community over the past 25 years. The event concluded with a delightful buffet provided by the venue's staff, generously funded by the council.

We extend our immense gratitude to them for their support.