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Girlguides fund defibrillator for Fenwick - St John Scotland

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The Girlguiding Units of Fenwick have successfully funded a defibrillator to be placed on the wall of the village community centre as part of a new St John Scotland project, which is currently in its trial phase.

The defibrillator, which is mounted on the wall of the Fulton Hall in Fenwick, was funded by the Girlguides, who raised over £1,400 for the life-saving machine.

St John Scotland's project, which is in its trial phase, gives community groups, companies and organisations the opportunity to part-fund a public access defibrillator and heated outdoor box. While St John Scotland funds 25% of the defibrillator costs, groups, companies and organisations agree to part-fund the remaining 75%. The money provided by the recipient of the defibrillator can be submitted as a lump sum, in the form of a one-off donation, or through fundraising activities. 

The trial phase comes to an end in early 2018, after which, subject to approval, it is hoped to roll out nationally. 

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