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St John International

St John International

The worldwide face of the Order of St John is St John International. 

The eight Priories – Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, USA and Wales – all contribute to the budget of St John International, which is headquartered in Clerkenwell, London. The size of each Priory’s contribution reflects the number of its Order members, and for Scotland, the contribution sits at around £36,000 per year. 

Formerly the St John International Office, in 2013 it was rebranded as St John International, and the former Order of St John website was redesigned and renamed St John International. The staff carry out the essential central tasks of St John, ensuring the standards required of an Order of Chivalry are met. They also help to provide and coordinate assistance to the needier of the 33 St John Associations throughout the world through, for example, the International Development Programme.

This programme helps Associations strengthen themselves organisationally, financially, and in other ways in order to increase their charitable output. Amongst other things, advice is given on applying for grants from funding bodies outside St John. An assistance fund allows small but often critical grants to be made to Associations for help with items such as office or training equipment. 

Around 50% of the St John International budget, and, correspondingly, St John Scotland’s share of it, goes towards helping Associations. 

St John International is headed by the Secretary-General, and in November 2012, Vice Admiral Sir Paul Lambert succeeded Rear Admiral Andrew Gough, who had held the post for nine years.

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