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St John Scotland - Defibrillators for Businesses

For businesses who are not eligible to apply for our Community Defibrillator Project, we can offer equipment at a discounted rate through our supplier.

As well as giving access to discounted rates, once your defibrillator is installed, our local volunteers will deliver CPR and defib awareness training to your business and the local community.



How it works

  • The project allows businesses and individuals to access discount rates for a defibrillator and outdoor cabinet through our supplier.
  • The defibrillator cost is £861.25 + VAT (or £795 + VAT each if 4 or more units are ordered)
  • The heated external cabinet is £440 + VAT
  • The defibrillator must be registered with the Scottish Ambulance Service so it can be located in an emergency. 
  • The business or individual will be responsible for the upkeep of the defibrillator once it is installed, performing a monthly check and replacing pads and batteries as necessary.
  • Local St John Scotland volunteers will work with you to organise CPR and defibrillator awareness training for your business and/or local community, once the equipment is in place. Although no training is needed to use the defibrillator, we are keen to help as many people as possible learn how they can save a life in the event of cardiac arrest.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to fit a defibrillator?

To make your defibrillator avaialble to the public, so it can be of maximum benefit to the community, it should be sited in a heated cabinet on the outside of a building. The cabinet must be fitted to a wall or flat surface and have a power supply for heating and lighting. You will be responsible for arranging and paying for installation of the cabinet, although electrcity costs for heating and lighting the cabinet are minimal.

How do we maintain the defibrillator?

Maintaining the defibrillator is easy. You have to report monthly to the Scottish Ambulance Service to confirm the defibrillator remains in working order – this is as simple as checking the battery light remains on, then filling in a form online. The defibrillator pads need to be replaced every two years (or if they are used in an emergency situation), and the battery every three to five years.

We are concerned about theft or vandalism. Can we get a locked box?

Incidences of theft or vandalism of defibrillators are very rare. We believe it is important that communities have quick and easy access to life-saving equipment, so we encourage the use of unlocked cabinets wherever possible.

Do we need planning permission to install a defibrillator?

This depends on the type of building and area the defibrillator is to be sited, but it is generally not needed on unlisted buildings that are not in a conservation area. You are advised to contact your local planning department to check, as we cannot provide detailed advice on this issue.

Will we receive training on how to use the defibrillator?

Modern defibrillators are designed to be used with no training required, so they can be used by any member of the public in an emergency. However, we still find that communities find it helpful to see a demonstration of a defibrillator as part of the CPR awareness training we provide. This helps overcome any uncertainty that people may have about using the device should they ever need to.

What kind of defibrillator is provided?

The model of defibrillator may vary, as we continually review the latest health guidance and work with suppliers to achieve best value for money. The current model we provide is the iPad SP1, manufactured by C U Medical.

Could I hurt someone by using a defibrillator?

A defibrillator will only deliver a shock if the person’s heart is in a “shockable” rhythm. It is impossible to shock someone whose heart is working properly, so you can’t hurt anyone with it. You can’t make things any worse by using a defibrillator – without quick action, the person could die within minutes.


Make an application

To make an application to the St John Scotland Defibrillators for Businesses scheme, please fill in this online form.

If you have any questions you would like to discuss first, please get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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