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Braving the rain in Dundee - St John Scotland

Volunteers from Angus and Dundee staffed a stall at the Dundee Rotary Club Gala in the city’s City Square on Saturday 19 June in conditions more like January than early summer.

Understandably many citizens didn’t hang about in the rain but £130 was raised -- a highly commendable sum in the less than favourable climatic circumstances.

Raffle prizes on offer were Sunday Bruch at the local Malmaison Hotel, a £25 voucher to spend at the Apex Hotel, and a bespoke clootie dumpling.

Those who bought raffle tickets may have been influenced by the free sample of clootie dumpling with each purchase: those who sampled theirs instantly were loud in its praise.

And as the third prize was an equally welcome clootie dumpling, no doubt its winner is discovering a whole new bunch of friends as you read this . . .

Written by Alasdair Maclean

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